• Strategic and grassroots outreach to national and regional print, radio, TV, and online media including social networks.
  • City tours and events.
  • Conferences, speaking engagements, and other public appearances.
For work samples or proposals, contact adrienne(at)biggspublicity(dot)com.

Campaigns and rates are determined by a number of factors. These include but are not limited to: length and depth of the campaign, client's expectations, client's budget, date of product release, client's travel schedule, and which media outlet(s) are determined to be the best match for the nature of the book or product.

For example, the fee for a campaign targeting web sites exclusively would not be the same as the fee for a print and radio campaign, or for a long-lead, print only campaign. We provide quotes based on what we think is the best mix of media for your book or product.

Project fees are billed monthly, and out-of-pocket expenses such as long distance, postage, copying, etc. are additional.